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UU: ARS away from ARS

23rd August, 2010. 12:57 am. Hello?(iptv_tech)

Anyone home, besides us chickens?

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9th November, 2009. 5:59 am. DragonLadys Random Nonsense of the Day(ozdragonlady)

The Trouble with a good many of us is that we come to a conclusion before we arrive at the end.
(FJ Mills)

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7th November, 2009. 7:03 pm. DragonLadys Random Strange Quote of the Day(ozdragonlady)

For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. For nature, it is a time of sowing, for scattering abroad.
(Edwin Way Teale)

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An interesting man.

A paradox of nature.

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6th November, 2009. 4:29 pm. DragonLadys random strange quote of the day(ozdragonlady)

We dont get to know anything but what we love.

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Right. WTF?
Goethe was a German Romantic. Knowing and loving are romantic tropes.
And where does that leave me? Still half asleep from a night of little sleep is where. Any ideas anyone?

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5th November, 2009. 8:00 pm. DragonLadys random weird comment of the day(ozdragonlady)

The fox condemns the trap, not himself.
(William Blake)

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Yeah, well, I come across a few of those ...

However, there is a difference between self-aware and being a victim.

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4th November, 2009. 8:03 pm. DragonLadys Question of the Day(ozdragonlady)

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
(Aldous Huxley)

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Aldous Huxley - the unacceptable promoting the inexpresssible >:>
Not quite, really. One of the Bloomsbury group, in some ways he was the original hippy ... without the beads :P

I always find the work of the writers of the 30s-40s in UK shows a kind of strained sparseness, yet his best known works are still quite splendid social commentary. I still have trouble accepting that taking heroin didnt affect his quality of thought. So ... music would be the only way to express the rush from heroin?

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3rd November, 2009. 6:38 am. DragonLadys Question of the Day(ozdragonlady)

Lets make it a real question this time ...

A friends post gave me this idea:

What is the lowest and the highest house you have lived in?

The highest for me would have been in Johnannesburg - 1753m above sea level.
The lowest ... not really sure. Probably this one in Carlisle, Perth WA. Possibly my grandmothers house in Grays Thurrock, UK - which was near the river and was probably only a few meters above sea level.

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1st November, 2009. 6:36 pm. DragonLadys Question of the Day(ozdragonlady)

An important reward for a job well done is a personal sense of worthwhile achievement.

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30th October, 2009. 6:24 am. DragonLadys Not-Question of the Day(ozdragonlady)

The randomised quotes I use threw up such dismal examples this morning ... I give you instead ...

The Internet turns 40
news itemCollapse )
Forty years ago, Kleinrocks prediction was science fiction. I gather Bill Gates has a fully internet-integrated house, so I guess an aware internet connection is not all that far away.

Getting computers to talk to one another was a logical step in their advancement. Reaching towards internet-integration for all in all places is just as logical. But do we want to go there? There are issues of privacy here.

How would it be achieved? We have an atmosphere saturated with wireless signals for internet connectivity, for cell phones. Is this good for the human brain? Do we want more?

Currently making cities integrated would be prohibitively expensive if any amount of infrastructure changes (should we not use wifi) were required. An underclass would be created where access wasnt posssible. There is already a substantial underclass of non-computer users, of non-internet users.

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29th October, 2009. 8:18 am. DragonLadys Question of the Day(ozdragonlady)

Never to have suffered would have been never to have been blessed
(Edgar Allan Poe)

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...quoth the Raven ...
I think I could have done without the suffering and a little more blessings :)
However, if I hadnt been blessed with knowing what I was missing ...
And a bit of a struggle never did anyone any harm, and usually leads to Good Things.
And lets face it, compared to some people, my suffering is miniscule.

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